'Crackling' is out NOW!


You can download the Crackling EP now! 

Buy direct from the band HERE


Crackling EP


The brand new EP 'Crackling' will be available to download from March 3rd 2017 !!

You can get it direct from us at our Bandcamp page or if you prefer, it will also be available the usual worldwide digital outlets and streaming sites.


'Letter to Louise'


Our new three track EP 'Letter to Louise' will be available to download from March 26th 2016.

More details to follow.

(cover photo courtesy of Casey Weber)


'Minnesota Snow' OUT NOW


You can now download our 3-track EP from us HERE

and from all the usual online stores.


New three-track EP available to download 01/01/2015


The new Mudlow three track EP will be available to download from 01/01/2015


Couch by Couchwest


We are so pleased to have been a part of this years Couch by Couchwest festival. Here's our performance:


A Christmas present.....


As a special Christmas treat this year, you can download Mudlow's first album 'Welcome to Mudlow Country' absolutely FREE!!

This offer will only be available until the New Year so get your download while you can. CLICK HERE. When asked to 'name your price' simply put 0.00 and it's yours. (feel free to pay if you'd like, we really don't mind!) Just leave your e-mail address where prompted so we can keep you up to date with Mudlow news. (no spam, promise).

please share this offer to spread Christmas cheer with all your friends. CHEERS!!


An Announcement


As some of you may already know, Trimble has decided to leave the band. This is of course a blow to the rest of us but we wish him well for future. We love that fella and we will miss having him around. 

We may have lost our 'sax-appeal' (and we will return to playing as a three piece) but you can still expect to hear the 'whiskey-driven film-noir blues' that you know and love.

Mudlow Country may have had a population change but make no mistake, it's still as dirty and badass as ever!

see you soon friends.



Sawyer's Hope Sleeve Design


If you've downloaded 'Sawyer's Hope' but are lacking the album artwork, fear not. You can download a PDF file of the entire sleeve right here: Sawyers_Hope_Digisleeve.pdf


We wrangle over ideas for the album sleeve just as much as we do with song choice, so getting it right means involving the right people and for 'Sawyer's Hope' we couldn't have had more talented contributors.

The main photography (front and rear covers / inner sleeve boatyard shots) are by Nhung Dang. She has an incredible eye for the beauty in decay and dereliction which complement the lyrical content of our songs perfectly. Nhung also works with pin-hole photography using only an old biscuit tin and natural light, as seen in the photo of the band on the rear cover. You can check out more of Nhungs work here: www.nhungsta.com

The live photos of the band, seen in the quarter panels on the fold out sleeve were taken at Lou's Bar while we were on tour in Belgium by Lucas Landi. The quality and colour-richness of these pics really impressed us so we just had to use them. Lucas' blog pages are here: lucaslandi.blogspot.com

We asked Rick Saunders to write the sleeve notes and what we received really floored us. He's always had a knack of being able to convey our music and aesthetic with his words but these were really something else. It reads like poetry, describes the Mudlow sound exactly and it's way better than anything we would could ever come up with! We know the work that he put into this was considerable (even to the point  calling on editing duties from music writer/blogger April Fecca) and for that we are very grateful.  Read Rick's and April's blogs and learn yourself some new music why don't ya: realdeepblues.blogspot.co.uk    www.nowthissound.com

Finally, our sleeve design ideas could not have been made reality without the assistance of the luvverly Sally Megee. 

A big THANKS! to you all. x. 


NSK Audio remix 'EVOL'!


NSK Audio have remixed 'Evol'. It's awesome. Listen and Download for free.